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injection pump cam plate replacement 096230-0070 injection pump cam plate for ford

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Product Name:Head rotor &Rotor Head&Cabezal
Raw Materials: GCr15 or 20CrMn;
Processing Technique: Vacuum hardening
Rigidity: HRC62-65
Specification:3,4,5,6 Cylinder

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How To Pick The Perfect Engine Rebuild Kits
Not satisfied with the performance of your engine anymore? Well, there are many things that you can do in order to bring back the powerful character of your car engine.
Today’s engines are extremely durable, and last much longer than their forebears, but anything mechanical eventually wears out. If your engine is consuming oil because of worn rings or valve guides, down on power because of poor ring and valve seal and worn cam lobes, or has low oil pressure, a complete overhaul may be in order. You can choose to go with a remanufactured engine, or restore your existing power plant with an engine rebuild kit.
Rebuild kits are specific to the machine, the machine serial prefix, engine model and engine arrangement. To find your Engine Rebuild kit you will need the following:
l Machine serial number prefix
l Engine model
l Engine arrangement
Here are some guidelines to help you pick the perfect kit.
Know your purpose
Figure out first what you want to do with your engine. Ask yourself some questions. What are the worn-out parts you need to replace? Do you need to tinker with the whole engine, or are only the pistons in need of attention? Do you want to make your engine more powerful? Is the engine even worth rebuilding, or is a complete replacement better? This will not only help you pick out the right kit, but also help in setting a goal for yourself with the whole repair.
Measure everything
Engines come in different shapes and sizes. For example, bores can be wider or narrower; camshafts can be longer or shorter compared to others. Measure all the dimensions you can find. Count also the number of parts you will need. Only a fool would buy a kit for a 4-cylinder if the engine is a 6-cylinder. These are just some of the few things you need to count before buying a set. With all these numbers in hand, refer to the supplier’s catalogue to see if they have the right kit for you.
Get only what you need
By this time, you should’ve already set a plan for yourself as to what you want to do with your engine. This will help you in picking the exact contents your kit will need. Manufactures know that not everyone needs a complete engine rebuild. Some just want to work on their pistons, while others would only want to tinker only the frame itself. Aside from the basic rebuild set, there are also high performance kits available for those who want to get more power out of the engine.
Label all the parts to help you with reinstallation. You can also record a video of yourself doing the disassembly.
Don’t hesitate to let an expert do the rebuild for you.
Have lots of patience, and you’ll earn an improved engine